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Special Occasion Headpieces: Tiaras, Fascinators, Headbands, and Others


Wedding headpieces run the gamut from traditional to the glittering, jeweled tiara. As with choosing your veil, consider both your wedding hairstyle and your dress when deciding what type of headpiece you will wear. If you have already purchased your veil, of course, consider it as well. It is a good idea to make the decision with your maid of honor, mother or other close friend so she can give advice on which headpiece looks best with your ensemble.

Choose a headpiece size that is in proportion to your dress and has similar detailing. The best advice is basic advice: first choose your gown; then, choose your accessories to complement it. This section contains headpiece options for you to consider. (Note: Veils are here.)

Princess Tiaras


Classic and always-in-style. Find princess bride caliber, inexpensive styles, or those with embellishments such as pearls or crystals.

Fancy Headbands

Fancy Headbands

The convenience of a headband with the class of a bridal headpiece. Browse floral or feathered styles.



Fascinating  headwear, usually made of flowers, feathers, or some combination of the two.

  Hair florals of all types


As a piece of hair jewelry, comb, headband, or fascinator,, florals are perfect for romantic, spring, or summer themes.

Feathers in Hair


Fluffy or sleek, feathers add glamour, whether it be headband, fascinator, hair comb, or any other head wear.   

Barrettes and clips with crystals.

Combs & Barrettes

Fancy wedding versions of these timeless accessories--flowered, feathered, and bejeweled

  Bridal and wedding party hats.


The Brits can be counted upon to assure fascinator-type hats never go out of style!

 Hair Jewelry and Combs

Hair Jewelry

Jewelry is no longer for the ears and neck only. Flashy hair pins, bits of rhinestone, pearls, and even butterflies can "make" the hair style.

Wedding headpieces and tiaras. 

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Your headpiece and wedding gown create a cohesive look.

When choosing your tiara or any bridal accessory consider what will go well with your wedding dress. It should match or otherwise complement the gown. In general, some element of your dress should be reflected in the tiara. Some examples of how to accomplish this:

  • Consider era. Complement a modern design with your up-to-the-minute wedding gown style or a vintage piece with more traditional fashions.
  • Pair a gown with simple lines with headwear that is also streamlined.
  • OR, if you want to draw attention to your hair and its accessories, pair that same simple gown with a more extravagantly designed headpiece.
  • If there are patterns in the detailing on your gown, look for similar detailing in headwear.
  • Match pearls or other hair bling to those in the earrings or necklace. Choose the entire jewelry set to go with the white or ivory in your gown.

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